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Using QuickCam Intraoral Camera with MacPractice

Using QuickCam Intraoral Camera with MacPractice

General Use
This intraoral camera works with MacPractice much like other intraoral cameras. Images can be captured using a mouseclick, keyboard command, or an optional device such as a foot pedal. As with some other cameras, VideoGlide software from echofx or Proview USB software is required. See MacPractice Help for details.

Camera Button
This camera has a button that can be used to capture images with the following method: When the camera button is pressed, the VideoGlide Capture application can save the image to a MacPractice auto-import folder. The image is then imported into MacPractice Attachments or Digital Radiography/Imaging.

VideoGlide Capture Setup for Camera Button

  • Launch the VideoGlide Capture application.
  • In VideoGlide Capture, choose Snapshot Settings in the Snapshot menu. For best results, choose PNG or TIFF.
  • Choose Snapshot Auto-Name Setup in the Snapshot menu.
  • Check the Auto-Name checkbox.
  • Set a Destination folder. Choose the same folder in MacPractice Preferences > Attachments or Digital Radiography/Imaging.

Using the Camera With the Button

  • In MacPractice, select a patient in Attachments or a patient visit in Digital RadiographyImaging. Do not open the video preview at the bottom of the sidebar. Close it if it is open.
  • Switch to the VideoGlide Capture application. Choose either Composite or S-Video in the Digitizers menu.

The image from the camera will appear. Press the camera button to capture an image. The image will appear in MacPractice.

Troubleshooting this method: No camera image.
The video image only appears in one application at a time. The normal process is to launch the application where you want the live camera image, then launch the other application.
If you use VideoGlide to capture images, quit MacPractice if it is open, launch VideoGlide, view the camera image there, then launch MacPractice. Sometimes you can achieve the same result without quitting MacPractice if you close the video window in MacPractice, then open it in VideoGlide.