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Q. My Quickray sensor connects irregularly on all computers. What is causing this?

Q. My Quickray sensor connects irregularly on all computers. What is causing this?
A. There two possibilities that could be physically impacting your sensor. They are as follows.

Your sensor cable could have a potential short, caused by continuous bending or pinching in one area. To test this you will need to do the following.

  1. Plug your sensor into a USB port in the computer.
  2. Open your Device Manager
    1. On Windows 10, right click the Start icon, click Device Manager
    2. On Windows 7, open your Control Panel, click Device Manager
  3. Identify your sensor under Universal Serial Bus Controllers (USB) as EV########
  4. With the sensor still plugged in, bend the cable in 4in. sections, from one end to the other.
  5. If the your device drops off the Device Manager menu, or the Manager flickers consistently, you likely have a break/short in your sensor cable.

Your sensor board may have a crack present. It would not be visible from the outside. The sensor may connect irregular or not at all, or even arm but refuse to detect exposure. Here is how to test.

  1. Plug in another sensor known to function properly (Same size).
  2. Place the sensor in question and the functional sensor face to face (flat side to flat side). Tape or rubberband if necessary.
  3. Expose the backside of the sensor in question, and capture the image as you typically would. Your exposure setting should be almost double your exposure setting for bitewings, to ensure a good image.
  4. An identifiable line that splinters across the image is a crack. A typical clean sensor will show the circuitry with a overall fuzzy appearance. A crack will be a split in the fuzziness of the image.
  5. Cracked boards cannot be repaired and are caused by stress or trauma to the sensor.

If you are uncertain of your testing, you may contact us for scheduled support.

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