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Installing Quick Cam USB and Patient Cam in PC

To install QuickCam or PatientCam (not Duo or Alpha), run the CameraSetup.v2, observe in Device Manager. It should be listed as "2820 video or 2860 video" in the "Cameras or Imaging Devices" section. If it does not show up in Device Manager when turned on, install again by running the CameraSetup.v2 installer a 2nd time. A restart of the PC might be needed.

Any problems showing video after being properly setup in users imaging software (each program has unique settings for IO Cameras and possibly need an additional module for IO camera's) should be resolved by switching USB port or unplug/reconnect USB, or restarting computer.

To capture images using the camera button, MDC2 or Osstem programs are needed to be installed and running, and set for the users imaging program.